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CSS update

Published on January 31, 2011

I've made a small updated to the styling of my site, I'm now using blueprint css framework. Although I was pretty happy with the way it looked, it still had some rough edges.

I'd resisted for sometime using css frameworks. I've changed my mind. I don ...

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My New Blog

Published on January 16, 2011

So I've been playing around with writing a blog app for django for a little while, I've had my own domain for a little while finally I've brought the two together.

I've got a blog over on posterous, I've really liked posterous, I can't ...

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Pylons Tutorial

Published on November 29, 2010

For some strange reason I decided to have a play with the pylons framework this weekend. Seen as I've been playing with django recently I thought it would be cool to see how a different python framework did things. So I check out the pylons website and run through ...

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Taking over a project

Published on November 18, 2010

So the other week I see that the maintainer of my favourite twitter client, witter, on the N900 has bricked his N900 and moved to Android. As such isn't going to be continuing with the development of witter any more. Now witter is a good client and I use ...

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Exciting times

Published on October 18, 2010

So I've been busy the last month or so. Been pretty much working 7 days a week

So what have I actually been doing, well I've done some freelance work in my spare time, all good fun. Back to working with Zope and CMF again. It felt like ...

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