So I'd set myself the task of keeping a blog this year, I wanted to make an attempt a engaging online some more and having a repository of thoughts, tips and tricks. Unfortunately this kind a fell by the wayside as I decided to try and do too many things at once. Even so, it feels like its been a pretty successful start to the year.

I've managed to contribute to python-snippets, admittedly only once but hopefully I'll get a chance to contribute some more. Contributing, even only in a small manner, is something that I wanted to start to do this year. I'd like to find an open source project that I could contribute some more to at some point. I feel that if I'm going top progress as a programmer I need to get my code seen by more people and hopefully get some constructive criticism.

Along side making my small contribution to python-snippets I started two of my own projects. The first is an application for the Nokia N900. Its a simple application to find gigs near your current location, gigfinder. This has taken up a lot of my time as I've been delving into python that I've never been near before and some programming concepts that I'm weak at. Slowly but surely I think I've finally got it to a position to push into the the testing repositories. Fingers crossed it gets approved for the main repositories.