So I've been busy the last month or so. Been pretty much working 7 days a week

So what have I actually been doing, well I've done some freelance work in my spare time, all good fun. Back to working with Zope and CMF again. It felt like I'd forgotten a lot when I first started back up but its all started to come flooding back to me, oh the joys. Along side this I've been working on a charity website Diabetics With Eating Disorders. I can tell you how much I'm enjoying working on django. There was someone in the organisation who could do a better design than I could ever do so I've been working on getting a redesign implemented. This was fairly easy as I tried to keep the markup as light as possible, so moving around the design went well. Problems did crop up with png transparency in IE6. I found the Supersleight fix to be pretty good at solving the problem. I did bump into one small bug with it though. I had pngs as background images and they were disappearing, these were in a li element. Supersleight has a bit to it that should apply relative positioning to elements with the backgrounds in a cause IE6 to trigger the hasLayout property. This didn't seem to be working for me. I think because the backgrounds sat in a link element inside the li. Thus the link element was getting the relative. Anyway I fixed my problem by applying a 'zoom:1;' to the li elements. Voila images back and IE6 behaving properly.

I also have some django projects on the go. One of those projects is a task/time tracker app. Now whilst doing the freelance work I've been looking for some free time tracking and invoicing software or web app. I've found that zoho's invoice app to be pretty good, but I've struggled to find something simple and free for the task/time tracking. So I've decided to scratch the itch and started working on my own version. I've got a very simple version running locally. I've got the tasks and work setup and working. I'm just trying to flesh it out some more with some good filtered views and some sort of design. I'm not good at creating a design so I'm going to have to find something free. If anyone knows somewhere to get some good CC licensed layouts/designs it would be great. Hopefully I'll be able to get it up and running relatively soon. The code will be released open source and I plan on setting up a free version for anyone to use.

Also on my table has been trying to get some work done on my N900 app, Gigfinder. I've got a new branch of the code on which I'm developing a new UI and adding functionality. I've got the ui working and it is all wired up now. I've got some added functionality to add before I do a release. Hopefully I'll have a release ready to go by the end of the first week of november. I'm planning on updating the project blog soon, hopefully over the coming weekend, you can find that here