So the other week I see that the maintainer of my favourite twitter client, witter, on the N900 has bricked his N900 and moved to Android. As such isn't going to be continuing with the development of witter any more. Now witter is a good client and I use it frequently so I couldn't let it die out. So I've offered to take over the project.

I'm currently still in the process of sorting out working on it, I'm talking to David the original developer to get access to the code repository. I have a few things to get out of the way before I can throw myself at witter. Hopefully within in the next couple of weeks I can start looking at the code.

Initial plan of attack for witter:

* Get access to the repository
* Get a handle on the code
* Have a look through the bugs in the tracker

Once I've done this I'd like to get a wish list of features for witter from the community. Maybe start a wiki see where people would like me to take witter. As it is its a good twitter client, but I'm sure there is some room for improvement.

I want to involve as many people as possible with witter. So if anyone has ideas, time, advice or expertise to give please do, it will be much appreciated.

I will be starting a blog just for witter soon so announcements will happen there from then on.