I've made a small updated to the styling of my site, I'm now using blueprint css framework. Although I was pretty happy with the way it looked, it still had some rough edges.

I'd resisted for sometime using css frameworks. I've changed my mind. I don't want to spend my time messing round with layouts anymore. Yeah sure it doesn't take much to do a simple layout but its all the small fiddling that needs to be done that gets tedious quickly. Things like, in my original css the tops of columns not lining up properly, fixing that just wasn't high on the list of things todo but niggled at me.

So over the weekend I thought I'd give blueprint a try. I always thought that using a css framework would require me to trash all the css I'd previously written and have to start from scratch. That wasn't the case with blueprint. I downloaded the source, plonked the blueprint folder into my css folder, added 3 lines to the head of my base template and added one extra div and a few classes. This had me setup and running then it was just a matter of tweaking my existing css, I took 36 lines out of my existing css, mainly the lines concerning positioning and spacing. Viola, I had a layout which matches what I wanted and all the rough edges smoothed (well the ones I know about).