Google had stopped active development on notebook since 2009. Last week it was announced that it will finally close. I never really used notebook to its full potential but I found it handy to keep little notes and code snippets in. So it'll be a shame to see it go.

I'd been playing around with creating my own "notebook" for a while but never really got very far. Recently I've been playing with the Flask framework, it seemed to be a good fit for knocking up a "notebook" application.

Noter is a sqlite powered application for Flask. In its current form its really only a simple single user application, just enough to allow me to start saving my notes in.

I've put Noter up on github, there is a 0.1 download available. The code is available under the GPL.

I have plans to improve noter, I'll be looking at some of the Flask extentions, hopefully using SQLAlchemy and extending the application to make it multiuser.